Harvest 2020

HRC Panel Conducts Sensory on Triumph, Comet, & Cashmere

In the last few years, three new public hop varieties have gained popularity. This segment will feature brewers, dealers, growers, and industry representatives conducting a sensory on Triumph, Comet, and Cashmere.  This live event featured a Q&A at the end!

Panel includes: Graham Ollard, Hollingbery & Son, Inc., Zac German, Anheuser-Busch, Laura Hansen , BSG CraftBrewing, Diane Gooding, Gooding Farms, Eric Desmarais, CLS Farms, Judith and Bryan Thoet, Hop Research Council, Jeremy Moynier, Stone Brewing

John Fearless: El Dorado® and Zappa® Selection

Ever wondered what a selection looks like live from an actual hop field? Matt Johnson of John Fearless are here to give you there thoughts as they select El Dorado®  and Zappa® hops. Check out the live Q&A at the end!

Hop Talk: Inside Scoop to Harvest

Tom Tweedy of Green Flash Brewing & Hop Quality Group and CLS Farm's Eric Desmarais & Reid Lundgren get together to talk hops but "socially distant" out in the hop fields.  From the market to quality to crop updates, Tom, Eric & Reid cover multiple facets of the industry.  It's the basement info! Q&A