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This is a repost from the Haas® HopCast™ Soundcloud page. The CLS Farms crew talked virtually with Micah Cawley from John I. Haas® to talk all about El Dorado® hops.

Join Micah Cawley, HAAS® Sales Account Manager, as he sits down with Virgil McDonald, Brewmaster at HAAS® Innovations Brewery, and featured guests Shelley and Eric Desmarais, and the team at CLS Farms, to chat about their amazing dual-purpose hop: El Dorado®.

Craving flavors of tropical fruitiness, stone fruit, hard candy, pear, watermelon, and pineapple for your summer beer recipes? Then listen in as we learn straight from the grower what makes the El Dorado® hop so special, and how they've perfected its special tropical fruit flavor over years of growing and harvesting.

Also, stay tuned to the end, where HAAS® excitedly announces that El Dorado® is now available in LUPOMAX® - our consistent, concentrated lupulin pellets!

Thank you Eric Desmarais, Shelley Desmarais, Claire Desmarais, Reid Lundgren, and Cherie Steinmetz from CLS Farms in Moxee, WA, for joining us on this episode.

About CLS Farms and El Dorado® hops:

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