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For the first time, El Dorado® is available in the latest innovation from John I. Haas: LUPOMAX®. A highly concentrated and standardized lupulin pellet, LUPOMAX® provides brewers with optimized hop flavor and reliability.

John I. Haas, a leader in the hop-supplying industry, released LUPOMAX® in 2020. LUPOMAX® is a highly consistent, concentrated lupulin pellet designed to deliver optimized hop flavor. Backed by their Sensory Plus™ process, which includes sensory-based hop selection coupled with advanced technical analysis and proprietary production, the standardization of lupulin content in these pellets delivers true-to-type hop flavor and reliable brewing performance. And by reducing the vegetative matter, LUPOMAX® pellets provide a cleaner, more intense hop flavor.

El Dorado®, a dual-purpose hop variety released in 2010 by CLS Farms, has seen an increase in usage in popular brewing styles like NEIPAs (Hazy IPAs), IPAs, Pale Ales, and Lagers because of its tropical and candy-like aroma characteristics. Through dry hopping, these intense aromas come through to make some of the juiciest beers in the market today. Its high alpha acids (14-16%) also make it ideal for bittering, though it provides a balanced and smooth bitterness making it suitable for Lagers and Blonde Ales.

El Dorado® aroma characteristics range anywhere from intense stone fruit and tropical notes like pineapple and mango to watermelon, hard candy, and pear.

El Dorado® aroma spider chart
El Dorado® aroma spider chart.

With concentrated essential oils, standardized alpha acids, and less vegetative matter from the LUPOMAX® process, El Dorado® LUPOMAX® provides brewers with a more intense flavor profile, creating a cleaner, fresher beer overall. Combined with El Dorado®, this lupulin pellet helps brewers reach those desired tropical aromas more efficiently.

The standardized pellet also allows brewers to build recipes with more confidence knowing LUPOMAX® provides consistency. The pandemic has forced many breweries to can their beer, meaning brewing schedules are planned weeks in advance with less flexibility. The standardization alleviates the stress of differing alpha and beta acids between traditional pellets. Brewers know consistently the exact number of pounds of hops to put in each batch, every time.

LUPOMAX® also allows brewers to scale down on the number of hop pounds used in the brewing process, creating less beer displacement. Equilibrium Brewing in New York saw about a 5% yield increase in beer produced after using LUPOMAX®. By using fewer

hops, breweries can cut down on shipping, storing, and handling costs.

You can purchase El Dorado® LUPOMAX® from John I. Haas or Yakima Valley Hops. Stay tuned for some beer releases in the next few weeks which feature El Dorado® LUPOMAX®! For more information about LUPOMAX® head to To learn more about El Dorado®, head to

Claire Desmarais is the marketing manager for CLS Farms and El Dorado® hops. She can be reached at


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