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El Dorado® Recipe: Boom Town Brewing & John Fearless

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

With so many ways to brew, we wanted to offer some recipes to show brewers how others are using El Dorado®. This first recipe comes from Boom Town Brewing and John Fearless Company, which uses El Dorado®, Centennial, Southern Passion, and Cascade.

Name: Wakanda Gold Style: IPA IBU: 60 ABV: 6.5% SRM: >7 Malt Bill: Base Malt Carafoam for some head retention Dextrose to help dry it out a little Hops: 1st Addition: 25BU Centennial 2nd Addition: 20 mins before the end of boil 20BU Cascade Whirlpool Addition: 15 BU El Dorado® Dry Hop: 2lbs per BBL total. Dry Hopped Twice. Once fermentation is done, drop temp to 60F 1st Dry Hop: 1 lb/bbl El Dorado® let the hops sit on the beer for 4 days 2nd Dry Hop: 1lb/bbl Southern Passion. Let the hops sit on the beer for another 4 days then do a forced Diacytil test and chill. "El Dorado® plays well with other hops," Matt Johnson, manager of technical brewing and key accounts for John Fearless. "The combination of El Dorado® and So. Passion really gives off a great stone fruit, Topical dankness that is not over the top. In the bittering, it really gives off a bright, balanced bitterness. El Dorado® is key in this recipe, it really lends a great bitterness and aroma that is nice, balanced but really hop forward."

You can follow along with Boom Town Brewing at @boomtownbrewery and John Fearless Company @johnfearlessco.

If you're a brewery with a stellar El Dorado® recipe, shoot Claire an email at! We'd love to hear it. Feel free to share this recipe.

Recipe provided by John Fearless Co. Claire Desmarais is the marketing manager for CLS Farms and El Dorado® hops.


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