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It's Spanish for 'The Dorado:' Cigar City Brews El Dorado Beer for Convention

brewing el dorado beer for hop convention
CLS Farms, John I. Haas, Inc, and Cigar City Brewing went down to Tampa mid-December to brew with four El Dorado® hop products. Left to Right: Sean Sasscer (Cigar City brewing), Alexandra Nowell (CLS Farms), Barbara Stone (John I. Haas), and Shelley Desmarais (CLS Farms)

CLS Farms and John I. Haas, Inc. teamed up with Cigar City Brewing for an all El Dorado® beer featuring four types of hop products. This West Coast Style IPA features LUPOMAX®, INCOGNITO®, T-90 pellets, and whole cone El Dorado®.

The beer, named "It's Spanish for 'The Dorado',"was brewed for the Hop Convention in Tampa, Florida. CLS Farms and John I. Haas will host a tap takeover event at American Social on Wednesday, January 19 starting at 8 PM featuring the special brew alongside other Cigar City classics.

Paying homage to the roots of El Dorado, this West Coast IPA elicits bright fruit flavors of watermelon, strawberry, and honeydew with a clean, sharp bitterness.

“The recipe utilized some light crystal malt to help amplify the sweet fruit character of the hops, as well as some foam malt to increase the perception of body in the finished beer,” said Sean Sasscer, production manager for Cigar City Brewing. “Incognito was utilized to reduce vegetal matter while giving a clean, sharp hop character that perfectly portrayed the varietal it was made from (El Dorado). LUPOMAX pellets as well as T-90 (pellets) were used as the main dry hop additions, as well as a hefty portion of whole leaf hops, which gave it a farm fresh flavor and aroma.”

Tasting Notes: "Ripe pear, pineapple and clementine aromas abound with a light herbaceous note and a touch of fresh baked bread rounding out the nose. More bright fruit flavors greet the palate, with honeydew, watermelon and strawberry dominating yet allowing room for subtle floral nuances, a staid malt profile and a clean, sharp bitterness," Cigar City Brewing.

INCOGNITO and LUPOMAX are two of the latest flavor and aroma products from John I. Haas. With concentrated hop oils, standardized alpha acids, and less vegetative matter from the proprietary Sensory Plus™ process, El Dorado LUPOMAX provides brewers with a more intense and reliable flavor profile, creating a cleaner, fresher beer overall. Combined with El Dorado, this lupulin pellet reaches those desired tropical aromas more efficiently.

shark costume at cigar city brewing

“El Dorado is a perfect hop to highlight through a variety of traditional and advanced products,” said Barbara Stone, Western Sales Manager for John I. Haas. “Using El Dorado as whole cone, T-90 pellets, INCOGNITO and LUPOMAX pellets in the recipe helps show off the many facets of the El Dorado hop and how very expressive it can be in it’s different formats. You think you know El Dorado, but you need to meet El Dorado LUPOMAX and El Dorado INCOGNITO to be fully acquainted.”

“It has been a pleasure working with CLS Farms and Cigar City on this collaboration. Cigar City and the CANarchy team has been at the forefront of innovative hop product trials to get maximum flavor and aroma out of their beers,” Stone said.

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