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Recipe: El Dorado® American Pale Ale

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

brewer holding el dorado hops
El Dorado® hops pair well with other hop varieties to bring out the best flavors and aromas from those varieties. Use it in any stage of the brewing process.

This American Pale Ale features a similar hop bill as the West Coast IPA, but features a different grain bill and hopping rates. This recipe was crafted by Alexandra Nowell of Three Weavers Brewing.

Try this recipe out and let us know how it went! You can email Claire Desmarais at or tag El Dorado® on Instagram at @eldoradohops.

American Pale Ale (with a West Coast spin)

Grain Bill

2-row/base malt 94%

Simpsons Golden Naked Oats 3%

Simpsons Light Crystal 1.5%

Weyermann Acidulated 1.5%

Kettle Hops

Chinook (14% AA) @ 60 (21 IBU)

Cascade (6.7% AA) @ 5 (7 IBU)

Comet (9.2%) @ 5 (9 IBU)

Comet (9.2% AA) @ WHP – .5#/bbl

Cascade (6.7% AA) @ WHP - .25#/bbl

El Dorado (15.5% AA) @ WHP - .25#/bbl

Dry Hop

El Dorado @ 1.25#/bbl

Comet @ .5#/bbl

Chinook @ .25#/bbl

Mash temp: 154°F

Boil time: 60 minutes

OG: 12.7°P

FG: 2.4°P

Yeast: California Ale, WLP001, Wyeast 1056, US-05

Fermentation Temp: 66°F

Target mash pH: 5.1

Target end of boil pH: 5.3 (adjust with lactic acid if necessary)

Dry Hop Details: Add dry hop 1.5-2°P before terminal gravity at fermentation temperature, crash to 32°F after 7 days or when AA/VDK spec is reached, whichever is later.


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