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Recipe: El Dorado® Hazy Apricot Pale Ale

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

hazy apricot pale ale with el dorado
This Apricot Hazy Pale Ale featuring El Dorado® and Cashmere in the dry hop is perfect for capturing those juicy stone fruit and hard candy flavors.

Just in time for summer, this Hazy Apricot Pale Ale is perfect to add to your beer list.

El Dorado® is known for its stone fruit flavors, so naturally, it pairs well with apricots. Used with Cashmere in the dry hop will be sure to make it pop with flavors of lemon, peach, and melon. This recipe was crafted by Alexandra Nowell of Three Weavers Brewing.

We'd love to see what you come up with, so tag us on Instagram at @eldoradohops or email Claire Desmarais at

Hazy Apricot Pale Ale

Grain Bill

2-row/base malt 82%

Unmalted Wheat 9%

Flaked Oats 9%

Lactic Acid or Acidulated Malt to achieve 5.1 pH

Rice Hulls (whatever your system needs to keep your lauter flowing)

Kettle Hops

Chinook (14% AA) @ 60 minutes – 10 IBU

El Dorado (15.5% AA) @ WHP – .75#/bbl

Cashmere (6.8% AA) @ WHP - .5#/bbl

Fermentation Additions

Apricot Puree – 25#/bbl (aseptic puree is best, added 48 hours into fermentation. This will add 1.8°P to OG to achieve finished ABV of 5.5%)

Dry Hop

El Dorado @ 2#/bbl

Cashmere @ .5#/bbl

Mash temp: 154°F

Target mash pH: 5.1

Target end of boil pH: 5.3 (adjust with lactic acid if necessary)

Boil time: 60 minutes

OG: 12.6°P

FG: 4.3°P

ABV: 5.5%

Yeast: WLP066 London Fog, Wyeast 1318 London III

Fermentation Temp: 68F

Dry Hop Details: Add dry hop 1.5-2°P before terminal gravity at fermentation temperature, crash to 32°F after 7 days or when AA/VDK spec is reached, whichever is later.

Feel free to share this recipe! For any questions, you can email Claire at


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