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In the days leading up to the end of October, CLS Farms and Gooding Farms traveled across the country to New York City for a special brew day. The day centered around One in Eight, an annual campaign created by CLS Farms to support and bring awareness to a staggering statistic. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The campaign has grown from a single fresh hop beer in 2018 to a partnership between hop growers, dealers, and brewers to sell hops and brews beer to raise money for breast cancer support services and raises awareness resulting in hundreds of commercial and homebrewed beers.

Joining this year’s campaign alongside Cloudburst Brewing and Icicle Brewing was TALEA Beer Co. — a newly opened and female-owned brewery located in Brooklyn, NY. Together, we brewed a Witbier showcasing the featured #1in8 variety Idaho Gem with a splash of El Dorado and peppercorn and orange peels.

Each year, a specific variety is chosen for the campaign. CLS Farms donated the hops, BSG pelletized, and Yakima Valley Hops is currently selling them on its website. Over $4 per pound will go to Wellness House of Yakima, an organization that provides cancer-care treatment.

Along with the brew day, community members had the opportunity to rub and sniff some whole cone Idaho Gem and El Dorado.

The beer will be released on November 16, 2021, at local beer bars, Whole Foods, and the TALEA Beer Co. taproom in Williamsburg. If you’re in the area, we encourage you to you to try the beer! Proceeds from sales will go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Photos taken by Miguel Rivas (@thebeertrekker).


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